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French Bulldog Stud Service

5   AKC Champion Studs
1   AKC Grand Champion-sired Stud


French Bulldog Stud Service in 2 ways:

1.  Shipped chilled semen via overnight express delivery
2.  On-site artificial insemination in Ocala, Florida

All Of Our Studs Are:

  1.  AKC registered.
  2. Quality bloodlines- stud is either AKC show champion or AKC champion-sired.  All studs have 36+ AKC show champions in their pedigrees. Some even have #1 French Bulldogs in the U.S. in their lineages.
  3. Experienced & proven- all males have sired litters.
  4. DNA health tested for inherited diseases/disorders prone to the French Bulldog breed.

  • Our fees are very reasonable for the quality of the studs we have.  
  • Simple and fair stud service agreement.   
  • Our goal is for you to have a successful pregnancy.      
  • For those of you who are not familiar with artificial insemination, you have two options:
  • 1.  You can bring your female to our location and I will facilitate the artificial insemination, or   
  • 2. I will ship to you or to your vet, the stud's semen in a chilled, insulated container through overnight express delivery (UPS Next Day Air).  If you are performing the artificial insemination yourself, great! otherwise, you are responsible for the fees that your vet charges for the insemination procedure.  We also highly recommend that you have a progesterone test performed on her to ensure you are inseminating her during the peak of her ovulation (when she is the most fertile.) Although there is a cost for this test (varies by vet- average of $55 - $100), the benefits far outweigh the cost.  You're investing quite a bit on stud service and shipping fees...believe us, it's worth spending a little more to maximize fertility and increase the odds of a successful conception. THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN A SUCCESSFUL ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION IS THE PROPER TIMING OF THE INSEMINATION.  
  •  You will be responsible for the artificial insemination portion of this process if you are receiving shipped chilled semen.  If you are performing the artificial insemination yourself, great!  Otherwise, be sure you have ample time to find a reputable veterinarian who is familiar with this process.  There are a variety of artificial insemination methods that your vet may perform so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these methods, as the costs can vary widely.      
  • If you will be performing your own artificial insemination be sure to have the necessary supplies (artificial insemination pipette, syringe, etc.) We can provide a free pipette and syringe upon request.  If you would like additional information about our stud services or the basics of artificial insemination please email us at or call us at 352-789-5572 (FL).  We are happy to help you. 

French Bulldog Stud Service Fees:

AKC Champion Turbo (brindle color):  $1,000 

AKC Champion Gambler (fawn color):  $1,000

AKC Champion Hammer (cream color):  $1,000

AKC Champion Ranger (brindle pied):  $1,000

AKC Champion Gilligan (cream color):  $1,000    (on-site only)

AKC Show Points Doc (cream color):  $800

For pics & pedigrees go to the 'Studs' page.

** Payment for French Bulldog Stud Service :


*If dam is AKC registered & copy of registration is submitted:                                                

Pay half of the stud fee plus full shipping fees upfront and pay the balance of the stud fee prior to litter registration or anytime before the puppies turn 8 weeks of age (whichever  comes first.) PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BEFORE WE APPROVE LITTER REGISTRATION. 

*If dam is not AKC registered or you do not submit a copy of her AKC reg prior to insemination:  

 Full payment of stud fee plus full shipping fees are due upfront/prior to shipment or insemination.

Payment Methods:

Shipping clients: we accept payment by Paypal.
On-site clients: we accept cash only.

Shipping Charges (for shipped semen only):

$150 each shipment  (additional $30 for Friday shipment.) Semen is sent chilled in an insulated box via UPS Next Day Air Service. 

*    If you are interested in more than one insemination for the same dam during the same heat cycle each additional shipment will cost $150 (additional $30 for Friday shipment.)   
*   Each shipment will contain enough semen for one insemination. Be sure to perform the insemination immediately after receiving the UPS parcel.  Do not remove any of the contents from the chilled shipping box until you are ready to inseminate.  Perform the insemination within 10 minutes from removing the semen from the chilled box.  

Stud Service Agreement:

Please go to the bottom of the page to print out our Stud Service Agreement. it must be completed and submitted prior to shipment or stud service.



Call / Text:  352-789-5572  (FL)


Download and print stud service agreement by clicking on DOWNLOAD.

A completed agreement must be submitted to us prior to shipment or stud service.

Stud Service Contract (pdf)


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